Android File Cleaner

Effortlessly Clean up Android Phones

When you are informed that space is not enough to download new files, even a photo; when you find your Android phone is running slower and slower while you have got new downloads at all, maybe it is time for you to thoroughly and completely clear all junk files from your Android phones and clean up your Android phone, so as to free up more space and speed up the device:

  • Deeply detect and scan all the junk files lurking in Android phones.
  • Easily clean up junk files from Android phones/tablets in one click.
  • Suit various junk files, like photo caches, download temp files, and more.
  • Support all brands of Android phones, including LG, HTC, Samsung and more.
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  • "Now, my Android device seems to run a little faster! At least it won't take such a long time to open an application on my phone anymore!" --- Joseph
  • "This software is really easy to use. All I need to do is follow the exact the steps. And I can use it to clean junk files from all the other Android devices!" --- Rio
  • "Well, this software works perfectly on my old Samsung phone. Runs a little faster now! Thanks, anyway!" --- Sullie
  • "Good cleaner! Thoroughly clear all junk files from my LG phone!" --- Ivy

Why Need to Clear Junk Files from Android Devices

Before cleaning up junk files from Android phones/tablets, you may wonder what effects will these files have on Android devices. Strictly speaking, there is no major harms, except for eating up precious storage space and slowing the operation your Android devices:

  • When downloading files or sharing files like photos, videos, music and etc., the corresponding junk files will also come into being without permission, which won't disappear from your device automatically.
  • After cleaning these useless junk files from your device, you are able to free up more space to save other files as wanted. Also, the more space is available, the faster your device will run.

How to Easily Clear Junk Files from Android Phones/Tablets

With this professional Android File Cleaner software, all junk files will be automatically detected and removed from your Android phones/tablets within simple clicks. You don't need to worry that it is difficult to distinguish between the useful files and useless junk files or troublesome and complex to delete these unwanted junk files from your Android devices manually.

  • This software will detect all the junk files and display them on the main interface. And more detailed informations are also shown for your reference including the file types and file size.
  • No matter you want to delete parts of files or all junk files from your Android phone/tablet, this software is always your best choice, which offers you an easy and fast way regardless of file quantity.

Support Various Files & Devices

As long as your device is running Android system, be it mobile phone or tablet, this software can always be your handy data cleaner to free up more space and speed up the operation speed

  • This software won't miss cleaning up any junk files sticking to your device, including photo caches, app caches, app crash logs, download temp files, user storage files and more.
  • This Android File Cleaner tool can be perfectly compatible with different Android devices, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell and many more.

More Alluring Features

Professional and powerful as this Android File Cleaner is, it is quite easy-to-use and safe. You don't need to worry about any possible safety issues or operation problems at all.

  • Android File Cleaner is 100% clean and secure, which allows you to easily clean up unwanted junk files from Android phones without bringing any potential dangers such as data losses and virus infection.
  • Unlike other professional tools which offer complex operation procedures and give too many technical terms, this Android File Cleaner actually have an extremely easy-to-understand user interface for all Android users. No professional skills are required at all.