Android File Recovery

Easily Get Back Lost Files from Android Phones/Tablets

Since many unexpected reasons can lead to sudden data losses, you can never imagine when you may lose important files from your Android phone or tablet but with no backup files! At that time, simply crying over the lost files can do nothing, but this Android File Recovery allows you to easily and quickly recover lost files from Android devices no matter how these files are lost:

  • Deeply scan and preview lost and existing files on Android devices.
  • Easily recover the lost files from Android phones/tablets.
  • Fully support all files, like contacts, SMS, music songs, videos, apps and etc.
  • 100% clean and secure software offering simple user interface.
  • Widely suit all types and brands of Android phones/tablets.
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  • "Now, my Android device seems to run a little faster! At least it won't take such a long time to open an application on my phone anymore!" --- Joseph
  • "This software is really easy to use. All I need to do is follow the exact the steps. And I can use it to clean junk files from all the other Android devices!" --- Rio
  • "Well, this software works perfectly on my old Samsung phone. Runs a little faster now! Thanks, anyway!" --- Sully
  • "Very easy to use and useful! I love it!" --- Lexis

When Android File Recovery is Needed?

Actually, many accidental reasons can possibly lead to data losses of your Android phones/tablets, be it technical errors or manual mishandling. And if you haven't made a phone backup of the important files, you will need this professional Android File Recovery to recover the lost files from Android device in one click:

  • If Android system crashes all of a sudden or your phone is infected with virus, one of the possible results could be sudden data losses, in which case Android File Recovery software is needed to restore Android phones.
  • Damages caused by manual mishandling like mistaken deletion can be minimized by phone backup beforehand. But if there isn't any backup file, you can still use this professional recovery tool to get back lost files.

Preview & Scan Lost Files on Android Phone

Want to recover part of the lost files from your Android phones and tablets? Or want to preview the lost files before recovering the lost files from your Android device? All these can be easily done with this professional Android File Recovery software:

  • Once this software successfully detect your Android device, it will display all the file folders on the main interface for your reference, including the existing files and lost data but in different colors.
  • You can then enter the different file tabs to preview more detailed information. To recover the lost files from your Android device, just tick out the wanted files to get them restored as wanted and needed.

Easily Recover Lost Files from Android Devices

This Android File Recovery is powerful enough to recover the lost files from Android phones/tablets, no matter how they are lost or where they are saved previously.

  • Ranging from the contacts and messages saved in the internal memory or in the SIM card to the files like music, photos, videos and etc. stored in the external SD card, all can be easily recovered to your Android device using this professional Android File Recovery tool.
  • Drop your phone into water by mistake? Accidentally Android phone is broken? Don't worry! This almighty Android File Recovery is able to recover lost files from your Android phone and tablet within simple clicks.
  • Actually, this software make it as easy as pie to recover the lost files from your Android devices. So you won't have to say goodbye to the lost data anymore!

A Full Range of Compatibility

This software is not only a powerful software which allows you to easily recover the lost files within simple clicks, but also a comprehensive tool to support different files and various phone brands.

  • This Android File Recovery can be perfectly with all brands of Android phones, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell and many more as long as they are running Android operating systems.
  • It can fully support different file types, such as contacts, SMS, videos, photos, music songs, apps, and etc.
  • This software is 100% clean, which offers you an easy-to-understand user interface for Android users to safely recover the lost files.