Android File Transfer

Powerful Tool to Manage Android Files at Ease

This software is very powerful and surely the best assistant for your Android phones. With this software, you are free to transfer all important files from your Android phones to the computer as a backup in case of sudden data losses. And this professional assistant offers you more:

  • Copy everything between Android phone and computer in one click.
  • Suit all types of Android files like contacts, SMS, music, videos and etc.
  • Easily backup the whole Android phone without any difficulty.
  • Allow you to freely manage, edit files directly on the computer.
  • Support all brands of Android phones, including LG, HTC, Samsung and more.
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  • "This software is really cool! Since it allows me to transfer all files from my phone to the computer in a very fast speed without any miss!" --- Katy
  • "While watching videos on the computer, being able to send messages directly from the computer to my friends is really a nice experience. Thanks!" --- Taylor
  • "Good software! Now I won't need to worry about sudden data losses anymore. All files have been backed up!" --- Jimmy
  • "I like this software! Easy to use and useful!" --- Vivia

Sync Files from Android to Computer as a Backup

Due to various reasons, you can lose important files such as contacts from Android phone, thus disconnecting with your friends and families. Too many files saved on the phone will hamper the performance of your device, you may face a situation where you have choose between deleting old files and saving new files. But, now this powerful Android File Transfer software can solve these problems within clicks:

  • It is able to transfer all files from Android phone to the computer as a backup in case of sudden data losses.No need to worry that important files will be gone all of a sudden any more!
  • After syncing all files to the computer, you are free to delete some old files on your Android phone to save more space to store new data. Both old files and new data can all be kept intact.

Contacts & SMS Assistant for Android Phones

More than a simple file transfer tool for Android phones, this software can also be the best contacts & SMS assistant. With it, you can have a nicer experience in managing the messy contacts and messages in order. Group texting and adding multiple contacts to your device is no longer a challenge:

  • Easily send messages from computer to more than one contacts at one time as you wanted and needed, which is pretty useful especially on some holidays.
  • Directly import/export multiple contacts from/to Android phones including the detailed information like name, phone number, email, address, etc.
  • The exported messages and contacts can be saved in the printable and editable format like CSV, HTML and more.

Manage Apps and Media Files at Ease

Want to download useful apps to your Android device with the minimum money? Plan to transfer batches of music songs or photos from your phone to the computer or from the computer to your phone? You really need try this Android File Transfer:

  • This software allows you freely install apps to your Android phone from the computer. No need to waste any data usage of your device. And uninstalling them from your device is also as easy as pie!
  • No matter how many photo or music songs you want to share between your Android phone and the computer, it enables you to quickly do it. Also, this software is compatible with varied file formats, like 3gp, mp4, m4a, mkv and more.

Wide Compatibility & Absolute Safety

Worried that this software won't work if you change into another Android phone? No need at all! What's more, the safety is 100% guaranteed, without bringing any potential dangers like virus infection.

  • This Android File Transfer tool can be perfectly compatible with different Android phones, including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell and many more.
  • As to the safety, this software is 100% clean and safe. No dangers or damages will be caused to your Android device or the computer while using it!