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Part 1: Mobile Phone Transfer Tips

In this part, you will know how to transfer files like contacts, music, videos messages and etc. between two mobile devices, no matter they are of the same or different operating systems.

> How to Transfer Data from Android to Android
> Easily Share Files from iPhone to Android
> Best Samsung Smart Switch Alternative
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Part 2. Android Transfer Tips

Want to freely share files between Android phones and the computer? Want to make a phone backup of your Android device? This guide center is where you should go!

> Best Android Data Manager
> How to Transfer Android Contacts to Computer
> Backup Android to PC/Mac Computer
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Part 3. Android Recovery Tips

This part tells you various tips on saving lost files from Android phones. You can learn how to recover the lost files from Andriod phone/tablet, no matter it is broken, water-damaged. Just read through this guide center to get the cure for the lost files of your Android device!

> How to Recover Lost Data from Android
> Easily Recover Contacts from Android
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Part 4. iOS Transfer Tips

Be it exporting files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to the computer, or importing files from the PC/Mac computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can always find the best solution in this resource center!

> How to Backup iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC/Mac
> Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer
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Part 5. Android Cleaning/Erasing Tips

If you want to clean up junk files or permanently erase some unwanted files, be it contacts, messages, private photos and etc. from Android phones, this guide center is surely the best place where you should go!

> How to Clean Junk Files from Android
> Best Way to Optimize a Slow Android
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Part 6. iOS Recovery Tips

This guide center is for iPhone/iPad/iPod users to easily recover the lost files from their devices within simple clicks! Now, you no longer need to get bothered by the sudden data losses from iPhone/iPad/iPod!

> How to Recover Lost Files from iPhone
> Learn More



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