iOS Data Eraser

Clean up Junk Files & Wipe out Any Data

You can't insert an external SD card to expand the storage space of your iPhone/iPad/iPod; you can't permanently wipe out some personal data within device like contacts, messages, photos from your iOS device when you need to protect your personal information. Now, with this professional and powerful iOS Data Eraser software, you can easily clean up junk files and erase any data as desired, so as to free up more space and secure your private information:

  • Effortlessly clean up useless junk files from iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Permanently erase any files from iOS devices in one click.
  • Free up more space & speed up the device & protect users' privacy.
  • Wide compatibility with files and iOS devices.
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  • "Ah, my iPhone 6 now runs faster than before. Finally, I don't need to see Not Enough Space is Available alert anymore!" --- Krystal
  • "Well, I just test its permanent erasing feature. And the files really are gone forever! Luckily, I have made a phone backup!" --- Fendy
  • "It turned out that so many junk files have been stored on my iPad. That's just unbelievable! Anyway, thanks!" --- Luna
  • "Love it! One tool can support all my iPhone, iPad and iPod devices!" --- Ron

Remove Junk Files from iPhone/iPad/iPod

While using your device, more and more useless junk files will be generated and saved on your device without any notification. All you ever receive is a slower and slower iOS device. This powerful data eraser allows you to easily clear unwanted and useless junk files from your device:

  • It is able to automatically scan your device in depth and dig out all the lurking junk files on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • You are free to choose bulk delete or selectively remove these useless junk files from your device, so as to free up more space for other useful data.

Permanently Erase Any Data from iOS Device

When you plan to sell out your old iPhone, iPad or iPod or simply give it away, the primary thing you may want to do is erase personal files containing your private information from the device, such as contacts, messages or personal videos/photos and so on.

  • With this software, you can easily wipe out any files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod device, no matter you want to bulk remove files or not. All personal files can be widely supported, be it contacts, messages, photos or email or passwords, etc.
  • Most importantly, files deleted with this software will have no chance of getting recovered. No matter how powerful the data recovery software you are using, such deleted files are gone once and for all. So there is no need to worry that your personal files will fall into hands with bad ideas.

Wide Compatibility with Files & Devices

The all-in-one tool is by no means a single data eraser for a specific type of device or file. So long as your device is running iOS system, you can always use it to clear junk files or wipe out unwanted files at ease:

  • This software won't let go any junk files such as photo caches, temporary download files, app crash logs, app caches and many more, as well as all files on your device, like contacts, messages, videos, photos, apps, safari bookmarks and etc. (Note: All detected files will be arranged on the main interface.)
  • Various generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod and all iOS versions can be perfectly suited by this software, including the latest models and versions.

Speed up Performance & Protect Personal Privacy

This software will brings you a device with more storage space and faster device operation. And this software is 100% secure and clean, without bringing any potential dangers like virus infection or unnecessary data losses.

  • After clearing unwanted junk files from your device and erasing data on iPhone/iPad/iPod, more precious storage space will be freed on your device.
  • Such deleted files permanently perish from your device and won't be recovered with whatever almighty recovery tool. Your personal privacy are totally secured.
  • This software offers you the easiest user interface, which allows you to clear device memory and wipe out files without any hassle.