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How to Transfer Contacts between Android and iPhone 6/5S/5/4S

The Android and iPhone are two of the most popular mobile platforms nowadays. And it is common to see a user switch their mobile phone from Android to iPhone and then from iPhone to Android frequently. No one can say for sure which one is better, even though the debates between fans from both camps have never stopped. But this is not the focus in this page. Let's us suppose that you're planning to change your Android mobile phone to the latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, or you wish to switch iPhone 4S/5 to the new Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other Android phones, which kinds of data you need to copy them from one phone to another completely? Some people may say contacts, while others say photos, messages, voice memos or even more, right? Among them, it is not hard to find that contacts could be the most important data on your mobile phone, and it is related to your daily and business communication, so no one want to lose them for any reasons. However, it is not a simple task to copy contacts between iPhone and Android phones, then what will you do now?

Actually, no matter you're using an Android mobile phone or iPhone device, the contacts are always stored on the phone's internal flash card or its SIM card. And due to the limitation of the SIM card, the number stored on the SIM card can be negligible, especially when you have thousands of numbers on the phone. Thus here, you need to find a way to share contacts (phone number, email address, etc.) between Android and iPhone selectively or in a batch. Of course, if you only have a few contacts on the phone, then you can type them to the new phone manually one by one, but in the modern digital life, it is almost impossible that you only stored several numbers on your mobile phone. Under this situation, a powerful yet reliable Android to iPhone Transfer program are recommended here to help you solve problem.

It is a Windows based application for smart phone users that capable to transfer contacts from iPhone and Android at ease. And it can move lots of other contents on your phone like SMS, call history, video, music, photos, etc. between Android and iPhone freely. Furthermore, the program have a high compatibility, that means no matter what kinds of phone brands you're using, this tool can detect your device and transfer your contents well. Now, just get the free trial version and follow the below steps to see the detailed tutorial.

Steps on Transferring Contacts between iPhone 6/5S and Android

Step 1. Run the Program and Select A Mode

Directly launch the program after the installation, then you'll see an interface just like below. Here, you need to select a mode according to your own needs. Referring to transfer contacts between Android and iPhone, you can select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode here.

Step 2. Link Android and iPhone to the Computer

Using the USB cable to link your Android phone or iPhone to PC respectively, then the program will detect your device and show them in the source and destination position arbitrarily. If you think the Android and iPhone are in the wrong position, you can click "Flip" button to change the position as you like.

Step 3. Begin to Copy

Select the type of data you wish to copy, here just check the option of "Contacts" in the middle of the panel, and then you can hit "Start Copy" to begin the process. The detailed transferring process can be viewed in the program directly.

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