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How to Transfer Contacts between LG and Samsung Galaxy?

Let's suppose that you're using a LG Optimus in recent years, and now Samsung have released its new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with lots of new features, then, you're planning to switch your phone from LG to Samsung Galaxy in recent days, right? But after that, you must have something important should be copied from the old LG phone to the new Samsung mobile phone, such as contacts, photos, apps, and so on. Then, how to reach it?

Data like photos, movies, or music can be transferred on your desktop computer via a simple USB cable, but if you want to copy LG contacts to Samsung Galaxy at one time, things will become a little bit troublesome. We all know that contacts are always saved in the phone's internal memory, you can't view or move them on the desktop computer with a USB cable. And, it is impossible for you to type the contacts list on your new Samsung Galaxy Note or S one by one manually, then what will you do here? How to switch LG contacts to Samsung Galaxy easily? Take it easy, here is a solution for your reference.

With the increasing demands of transmission between two different phones, an easy-to-use yet reliable 3rd-party program have been developed - Mobile Phone Transfer. With it, you can easily transfer or move data like contacts, messages, apps, photos, videos, music, etc. from one device to another with one simple click. And it is not limited to Android phones or tablets, other operating system like iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows, etc. are also supported well. Thus, after owning this program, you can deal with all kinds of transmission problem between any devices as you like.

Now, please don't hesitate to get the powerful program by clicking the below icons, and then follow the below steps to see the detailed steps of transferring contacts between LG and Samsung Galaxy easily.

How to Transfer Contacts from LG to Samsung Galaxy Easily?

First of all, connect these two mobile phones to your computer at the same time, then launch the program on your PC. Here, you need to select the mode of "Phone to Phone Transfer" and click "Start" button to next step.

After selecting the transfer mode you need, the program will automatically detect the device that have been linked to the computer, and displayed them in the Source and Destination area randomly. If you think your phone have been located in the wrong place, you can click "Flip" button to change it easily.

Phones will be displayed just like below in the program:

Now, you can select the content you like to copy. Hit "Contacts" button in the program and hit "Start Copy" button to begin the process. You can check it in the program directly.

Wait for a little while, all contacts on your LG phone will be moved to Samsung Galaxy without losing. Cool, right? If you have the same needs here, please don't hesitate to take a free trial now.

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